About the ‘Pad

Hi, I’m Martin and this is my apologetics notepad.

Although I often write with a “teaching tone”, don’t be misled, this is actually the place where I scribble down thoughts on books I’m reading or on ideas that come to me. It just helps me to write like that. As such the activities of this blog represent a learning process, not necessarily anything I’m advertising as the authoritative truth of the matter.

I write on apologetics – that is, the defence of the truth and rationality of Christian belief, practise, spirit etc – and philosophy generally.

Within the next year or two I’ll be starting a graduate course in philosophy so I expect I’ll be jotting a fair few things down when that begins! Currently I have a BA Hons in Philosophy with Creative Writing, and I’m merely studying in my spare time.

I welcome comments and contructive criticism from anyone, no matter what your worldview or faith-background.

Although I’m certainly no expert on the subjects I write on, I recognise that for the uninitiated there’s a fair bit of jargon. That’s just the combination of my A) wanting practise in using the correct technical terms, and B) writing with a quick and “down-to-business” agenda. Because jargon exists to make life easier for the people who deal with the concepts summarised by it on a daily basis, it’s easier for me to write quickly using the jargon that I know. But I welcome discussion from you whether or not you’ve got the technical lingo. Ask for clarification and I’ll be happy to provide it. After all, I’m still learning a lot of these strange terms myself.

Without taking back any of the above, for your interest, I do write on matters of faith and philosophy in a much more accessible manner over at http://www.thoughtful-faith.blogspot.com

Let’s learn shall we?


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